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"romance artificial, rays of florescent there is no sun here"


"no skin just clicks and status"


"no hype, more healing and caress a gentle isolation"


"a virtual seduction no filter"


"drama, agony and triumph over tea leaf honey and creme"


"hands up don’t shoot misogyny in question again and again"


"don’t call this hip hop don’t call me rapper"


"where once stood to broaden now broken and have had, enough (has been)"


"this electronic crooning, no coon this me no longer dancing 4 u"


"not watching me nae nah, gal know more, watch yourself drool, jungle"


"eyes wide offensive ice cold, not afraid no mo, so sensitive"
"always will be, simple as" come with, me"


"come as, holy don’t leave, hold me"


"i am, what is, dumb down among other things"